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Reobrix 22018 Technik Baggerlader Klemmbausteine 2466pcs 76.5 × 19 × 27 cm Original Packaging

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1、Simulated appearance
2、Six channels of dual-mode lithium battery
3、Rear wheel drive
4、Front wheel steering
5、Standing hoe telescopic
6、Front bucket dumping
7、Rear mechanical arm slewing
8、Front arm lift
9、Rear big arm lifting
10、Rear small arm lift
11、Rear bucket dumping
12、Seat rotation to switch the front and rear working mode
13、Engine cover lifting


Model Number : Reobrix 22018
Pcs: 2466
Finished Size:76.5 × 19 × 27cm
Weight: 3.08kg

Accessories included: battery box, M motor*2, L motor*3, servo motor