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Reobrix 22016 Ship Loading Truck 1918 PCS 39 x 17,5 x 26.5cm (without original box)

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1、Simulated appearance
2、Power drive
3、Distributor box design
4、Front and rear driving
5、Front wheel loading box
6、Rear parking hoe scaling
7、Bottom plate third axle wheel lifting
8、Bucket dumping
9、Bucket down
10、Generating power linkage
11、Remote control headlight
12、Bucket up
13、Door opening and closing
14、Wiper, mirror adjustment
15, Battery quick release
16、Lithium rechargeable
17、Dual-mode control


Model Number : Reobrix 22016
Pcs: 1918
Finished Size:39 × 17.5 × 26.5cm
Weight: 2.62kg

Accessories included: 10-pass remote control, 4-port motor master, XL motor, servo motor, LED light cable