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Reobrix 22005 Fire Ladder Truck Building Blocks 3266pcs 70 x 20 x 24.5 CM (Without Original Packaging)

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1、Forward and reverse driving
2、Double axle 4 wheels steering
3、Both sides of the 4 doors open and close manually
4、Switching action of transfer box
5、Residence hoe retracting and releasing
6、Ladder lift
7、Ladder expansion and contraction
8, Ladder rotation
9、Tilt of ladder platform
10、Ladder platform opening and closing
11, Both sides of the equipment box door opening and closing
12, Remote control headlight
13, Battery quick release design
14、2.4G、Bluetooth dual-mode connection
15, Mobile phone APP remote control dual function


Model Number : Reobrix 22005
Pcs: 3266
Finished Size: 70 x 20 x 24.5 CM
Weight: 6kg

Accessories include: 10-way remote control, 4-port motor master, L motor, XL motor, l motor, LED light cable