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Reobrix 11025 Daytona SP3 Supercar 1:10 1958pcs 49 x 13,5 x 21cm (without original box)

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Introducing our Supercar Building Block Toy, available in both Static and Remote Dynamic versions, with the Dynamic version featuring: a 10-channel remote controller, battery box, L motor, and servo motor. Let's explore the remarkable features that make this toy stand out:

  1. Realistic Design: Immerse yourself in the lifelike aesthetics, capturing the essence of a true supercar.

  2. 1:10 Scale: Precision crafted at a 1:10 scale, delivering an authentic and impressive size.

  3. Front Wheel Steering: Enjoy precise control as the front wheels turn with accuracy.

  4. Steering Wheel Interaction: Experience steering wheel synchronization, connecting your control with the vehicle's movement.

  5. Rear Wheel Drive: Feel the power as the rear wheels provide dynamic propulsion.

  6. Engine Interaction: Witness the engine's lifelike response as it interacts with the vehicle's movements.

  7. Front and Rear Suspension: Navigate smoothly with front and rear suspension systems that absorb bumps.

  8. Manual Engine Hood Opening: Discover inner intricacies with the manual opening engine hood.

  9. Manual Door Opening: Engage in interactive exploration by manually opening the doors.

  10. Quick-Release Motor Design: Effortlessly swap motors with the quick-release design for convenient customization.

  11. 2.4G Bluetooth Dual-Mode Remote Control Lithium Battery: Harness versatile control options with the 2.4G Bluetooth remote control lithium battery.

  12. Metallic Painted Hubs: Enjoy a touch of luxury with the metallic painted wheel hubs.

This Supercar Building Block Toy offers the best of both worlds – a captivating static model and an exhilarating remote-controlled version. Embrace the thrill of creation, control, and performance with each meticulously designed feature.


Model Number : Reobrix 11025
Pcs: 1958
Finished Size:49 x 13,5 x 21cm
Weight: 3.1kg/3.6kg