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Reobrix 11008 Technik LKW Klemmbausteine 2116pcs With Power Functions 45.5 × 18.5 × 18.5 cm (Original Packaging)

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A captivating presentation of our Building Block Truck that showcases a range of distinctive features:

  • Realistic Exterior: Resembling a shrunken real truck, every detail vividly captured.

  • Multi-functional Lithium Battery: Four-channel dual-mode lithium battery system, offering seamless mode switching and autonomous driving pleasure.

  • Robust Monster Power: Equipped with a monster motor engine, delivering potent power and drawing attention.

  • Front Wheel Steering, Rear Wheel Drive: Precise front wheel steering and vigorous rear wheel propulsion, providing an immersive control experience.

  • Powertrain Synchronization: Seamless coordination of internal and external power, unveiling a comprehensive driving allure.

  • Steering-linked Spoiler Movement: Spoiler synchronously adjusts during steering, delivering an unmistakably authentic driving experience.

  • Electromotive Wing Toggle: Exquisite midsection wing toggle, elevating the interactive experience.

  • Manual Door Opening: Personally open the doors, uncovering interior intricacies and engaging in firsthand creative exploration.

More than just building blocks, it's a novel exploration into creative driving. From aesthetics to functionality, every detail is an extension of ingenuity.

Included Accessories: 10-channel remote controller,  motor master, servo motor*2, monster motor.


Model Number : Reobrix 11008
Pcs: 2116
Finished Size:45.5 × 18.5 × 18.5 cm
Weight: 3.2kg