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Reobrix 11001 G-700 6x6 Land Cruiser Highspeed Car 2162pcs 42.4 × 16 × 12.3 cm (Without Original Packaging)

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Look here, we bring you an absolutely eye-catching car building block toy. Let me tell you more about this exciting idea(with power function):

Realistic Appearance: Just like a shrunken real car, with lifelike details.
Monster Motor Drive: Speed ahead with boundless power from the highperformance monster motor.
6-Wheel Drive: Efficient control, effortlessly handling all road conditions.
Front Wheel Steering: Nimble maneuvering, an authentic driving experience.
Shock Absorbing Suspension: Stay steady even on bumpy roads.
Winch and Gear Design: Climb, tow – conquer every challenge.
Manual Opening Design: Doors, cargo hold, engine bay – for added interactive fun.
Engine Interaction: Internal components in motion, for a lifelike feel.
Mobile App Remote Control: Master all, with futuristic control through your phone.
From looks to functionality, every detail delivers an extraordinary experience. Ignite the adventurer's spirit and navigate a world of creativity!


Model Number : Reobrix 11001
Version:without power function / with power function
Pcs: 2162pcs
Finished Size:42.4 × 16 × 12.3 cm
Weight: 3/3.5kg

Powered product accessories included: 10-way remote control, battery pack, servo motor, monster motor                                                                                      

With Power Function