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Reobrix 22008 Fire Engine Truck (Water Spray) 2888pcs 53 x 17 x 23.5 cm (without original box)

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1、Modelling highly reproduces the design of the real car
2、Equipped with 6 lithium batteries
3、Equipped with PF water pump box
4、Remote control
5、Forward and backward driving
6, Left and right steering
7、Generating power linkage
8、Water gun rotary
9, water gun tilt
10、Water gun spraying
11, Water tank quick release design
12, Water tank fixed lock design
13, the left side of the toolbox manual open and close
14, the right side of the toolbox manual opening and closing can be collected to the box
15, cab door manual open and close
16、Battery quick release design
17、2.4G、Bluetooth dual-mode connection


Model Number : Reobrix 22008
Pcs: 2888
Finished Size:53 × 17 × 23.5cm
Weight: 4.66kg

Accessories included: L motor *2, servo motor, XL motor, water spray tank