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Reobrix 11007 Formula F1 Car 928pcs 56 × 25.5 × 13 cm (Original Packaging)

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(with power function)

 This F1 car building block upgrade with power function includes: 10 pass remote control, servo motor, L motor,  motor master control.
Realistic Appearance: Precisely reproduce the appearance of the F1 car, as if you were on the race track.
Front wheel steering: precise steering of the front wheels, restoring the real driving feeling.
Dual-motor power drive: Powerful L-motor provides high-power drive, dual-motor to ensure strong power, support for rechargeable lithium batteries, dual-mode control options.
1:8 Scale: Accurate 1:8 scale production, presenting the real size.
Bringing you the excitement of the racing world, with realistic appearance, high performance power and precise proportion, experience the speed and passion to your heart's content. Enjoy racing with friends and family outdoors or indoors!


Model Number : Reobrix 11007
Veision : without power function / with power function
Pcs: 928
Finished Size:56 × 25.5 × 13 cm
Weight: 2kg/2.5kg

Powered product accessories include: battery box, servo motor, 10-way remote control, L motor *2

With Power Function