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Reobrix 11005 Vintage Car 280SL 1578pcs 42.5 × 16.8 × 13.6 cm (Original Packaging)

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Introducing our Car Building Blocks with the following exceptional features (with power function):

  1. Authentic Design: Experience a lifelike exterior that captures the essence of real automobiles.

  2. Dual Rear Motor RWD: Unleash the power with dual rear motors for responsive rear-wheel drive action.

  3. Front Wheel Steering: Navigate with precision using the front wheel steering mechanism, offering a true-to-life driving feel.

  4. Front and Rear Suspension: Enjoy a smooth ride with both front and rear suspension systems that handle bumps and curves flawlessly.

  5. Electric Convertible Roof: Witness the roof come alive with an electric opening mechanism, embracing the open air at your command.

  6. Manual Door Operation: Interact with the car by manually opening its doors, allowing you to explore its interior design.

  7. Manual Trunk Opening: Open the trunk at your convenience to reveal spacious storage for your mini adventures.

  8. Manual Glove Compartment: Discover the attention to detail with a manual glove compartment that adds realism to your experience.

  9. Mobile App Dual Control: Seamlessly switch between manual and mobile app control, offering versatile driving options through our dedicated app.

Our Car Building Blocks deliver not just play, but an immersive journey through intricate features and versatile control. Unleash your creativity and indulge in the marvels of technology-driven automotive exploration.


Model Number : Reobrix 11005
Veision : without power function / with power function
Pcs: 1578
Finished Size:42.5 × 16.8 × 13.6 cm
Weight: 2.5kg/3kg

Powered product accessories include: battery box, servo motor, 10-way remote control, M motor *2, L motor *2