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Reobrix 11004 Yellow Spider Supercar (RC Version) 1886 pcs 44 × 15 × 22.5 cm (original box)

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Experience the future of driving with our Remote Control Sports Car Building Blocks, featuring an array of impressive functionalities:

  • Authentic Exterior: Immerse yourself in the world of tomorrow's automobiles with its sleek design, putting you at the wheel of a scaled-down supercar.

  • Dual Motor Power: The dual motor engine unleashes remarkable driving force, propelling you forward with exhilarating speed.

  • Front Wheel Steering: Enjoy precise control with front wheel steering, enhancing the natural driving experience.

  • Electric Convertible Roof: With a touch of a button on the remote, witness the electric convertible roof elegantly unfold, letting sunlight pour in as you relish an open-top drive.

  • Adjustable Spoiler: An efficient spoiler mechanism lets you raise or lower the spoiler, optimizing aerodynamics for top-notch performance.

  • Suspension System: Equipped with a suspension system, navigate various terrains with stability, ensuring a smooth and controlled drive.

  • Interactive Features: Manual opening doors, engine cover, and more, offering hands-on interaction that deepens your understanding of automotive mechanics.

  • Mobile App Control: Take command with the mobile app, remotely controlling your car, blurring the line between remote and real driving, and embracing the thrill of technology.

Our Remote Control Sports Car Building Blocks transcend mere play; they're an unparalleled driving adventure. Assemble with creativity, unleash speed, and revel in the allure of future tech.



Model Number : Reobrix 11004 (with power function)
Pcs: 1886pcs
Finished Size: 44 × 15 × 22.5 cm
Weight: 3kg
Accessories included: battery box, servo motor, 10-way remote control, M motor*2, L motor*2